Fancier Wild Rice

Made this lovely meal for us last night.

Super easy and full of flavor. Started with making wild rice per the package instructions. Once the rice was simmering, I began sautéing two small shallots with a tablespoon of olive oil. Meanwhile, Trey liberally peppered my piece of chicken before throwing ours both on the grill. I am a pepper fiend. I enjoy a pepper crust and a lot of heat. Plain chicken just doesn’t do it for me. Anyway, about 25 minutes after starting the rice the water had cooked out and my shallots were carmelized. I just mixed them into the rice, salted to taste, and dinner was served!

It makes me feel productive when I make our meal for the evening but I am realizing I took my mom for granted. Working all day and coming home to work some more in the kitchen is hard business.

I just need to remind myself that there is happiness in providing for my family…and that there is no shame in a little takeout once in awhile 🙂


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