Quarter Life Questioning

How does one figure out how to fulfill themselves as well as the world?

This is a question weighing on my heart and mind the past couple months. There are plenty of things that inspire me and I am continually looking for the things that appeal to my strengths but I just feel stagnant.

How do I turn what I love into a career? Do I need to go back to school? Research possible professions? Do something drastic like quit my job? Focus on learning some new hobbies that might open the door to my own business? How do I start my own business? Would anyone need the skill or service I would provide? Why am I settling for a job that is unfulfilling and a boss that doesn’t give me the time of day? What can I do at work that will help me grow into something I actually want to do? Why am I trying to fit into a niche at this company when I’m likely made for something else outside of it? How do I get the courage to quit? Why am I afraid to get out there and explore other opportunities? How do I choose the right grad school? Wait, how do I find the time to study for the entrance exams?! Why am I not living abroad? How do I find the right mentors? How best should I get involved in the community?

See! So many questions with only one answer for now. Just keep praying 🙂


One thought on “Quarter Life Questioning

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