Northwest Arkansas. Eureka!

My word it has been a busy two weeks! I had meant to post this weekend trip travel recap sooner!

Two (!) Thursday nights ago, Trey and I arrived in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Home to the Razorbacks and Wal-Mart πŸ™‚ We checked in to our hotel and met up with two of the coolest dudes we’re lucky enough to call friendsTim, Weiland, Trey

After a few hardcore games of Shuffleboard and Billiards and multiple rounds of Boulevard Wheat, we were all feeling happy and ready for sleep.

There is absolutely nothing better than a Friday off work. This one was no exception.

Trey and I took a drive around Bentonville and I got to see the very first Wal-Mart!


After taking a slight detour to get lost πŸ™‚ We arrived at Crystal Bridges Art Museum. Lunch was a delicious, gourmet burger with local veggie chips. So good! We spent an hour hitting the highlights including Rosie the Riveter and my favorite, a painting of a gray house with windward feathers.


Norman Rockwell really captured her spirit…

This speaks to my soul of freedom and nostalgia.

This speaks to my soul of freedom and nostalgia.

After Crystal Bridges we picked up the groom’s cake for the wedding (such a fitting task for this girl!) and made the hour drive to Eureka Springs to check into our B&B. The rehearsal dinner went off without a hitch, even with 32 groomsmen and bridesmaids and 9 child attendants, and we turned in for the evening.

Saturday started with a really nice homemade breakfast at the B&B. Biscuits and gravy and cinnamon rolls got us fueled up to explore Eureka! We began with a walk around town, including a trek up a MONSTER hill (I’m talking steeper than the hills I used to walk up in downtown Seattle) to see the oldest hotel in town, the Crescent Hotel. The hotel has been in operation since the 1800’s and has had multiple alleged ghostly encounters during its existence.

We had worked up an appetite but before separating for lunch, we made a stop at a little collectibles store to see…

Junior the Cashier

Junior! The bunny cashier! Junior took my money and made change for me. It was such a cool experience.

Sarah and Junior

Trey met up with the boys for the groomsmen luncheon and I made my way to a little tea room. I have long gotten over the fear of doing things solo so I had a wonderful time at this place. The owner was so charming and kind to me and the food was amazing.

Tea Room solo luncheon

I like variety in my meals and this had it all. Beer-Cheese soup with diced jalapenos. Salad with a cute carrot swirl. Pepperjack and Cheddar grilled cheese on jalapeno bread. Perfection.

Wedding time was upon us and we made our way to the woodsy area that was serving as the ceremony location. I wiled away the hours reserved for wedding party pictures with my newfound friend Andie. Katherine and Matt were married and the party started. After two hours (standard Arkansas wedding reception I’m told), we wished the happy couple farewell and made our way back into Eureka Springs to finish out the night.

Fatigue had set into the boys so we listened to one set of local music, drank a few rounds of keg Bud Light, watched the kooky locals and said our goodbyes.

Sunday was a whirlwind. We made a stop on our way out of Eureka Springs to visit the peaceful Thorncrown Chapel. This little chapel is made out of glass and is tucked away in the woods. You feel as if there is nothing between you the Lord. I loved it.

Glass Chapel

After a little shopping in Fayetteville and negotiating our way onto multiple flights, we made it home in time to welcome in Monday πŸ™‚


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