Inspiration from the Week

I’ve decided to dedicate one post a week to stuff that has motivated and inspired me the past 7 days. I’m in a stage of my life where I’m being drawn to make changes but don’t know yet what those are. Please enjoy this collection of blogs, books, quotes, and photos that gave me a spark this week.

Quarter Century Life Crisis is the New Mid Life Crisis: Celia at Breakfast@Target hit it right on the button with these words:

“I’m over the fact that 25 is “old”… I’m over the repressed feelings of guilt for taking the extra time to find out what makes me happy and, dare I say, passionate about, and for exploring my interests before settling on the first convenient option. I’m over selling myself short because I don’t have a fancy name badge or office. I know what’s important to me, and I’m trying to simplify my life so I can properly devote my energy and enthusiasm to the right causes. To the right people. To the right battles and moments of truth. To the people who are selflessly willing to help. To the appropriate times of existing, right then and there, for no other reason than just because.”

This Book: The Violets of MarchImageI’m finally jumping on the Sarah Jio train. This is the first of her novels that I’ve picked up and it was devoured in 2 days. Work days no less! While the story is well-written and the characters are relatable, I found myself immersed in nostalgia since the story is set on Bainbridge Island right outside of Downtown Seattle; my first big girl home. In addition to the setting, the character’s profession is of much interest to me right now as I contemplate how to make my dream of writing a book, reality. Just what I needed this week to keep inching forward towards one of my dreams.

I joined LEAN IN this week. Image

I follow LEAN IN on Twitter and there has just been some really inspirational sharing going around. So, when I picked up an old copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine and found a sample edition tucked into the pages that was guest edited by Sheryl Sandberg, it was a sign that I needed to look at the LEAN IN website and figure out what LEAN IN Circles are all about.

I’m really pumped. I need to do some more research and brainstorming but I’m leaning toward starting my own Circle here at work or in the area.

Pure Barre. I am addicted. There is something about this technique that just keeps me coming back for more. The idea of owning my own business is starting to grow in my head and my heart and this is a love of mine that I would be honored to share with others.


I love getting into the studio and focusing solely on the upbeat music and the targeted moves that work my thighs, hamstrings, butt, back, arms, and abs. It’s a total body workout that truly doesn’t FEEL like a workout, yet I saw results after just 3-4 visits. I’m working on completing 100 classes and getting to know the staff and other clients better. You never know what experience or conversation is going to change the course of your life and I’ve just got a feeling that moment is coming soon.

I’ve Found the Secret to Happiness. I’m completely loving on this blog, Adventurous Kate. This girl dedicated herself to saving money for a trip to Southeast Asia, up and quits her job at the age of 26, and begins her new adventure as a travel blogger, exploring the world SOLO! What an inspiration it is to live your dream.

These words from the post referenced here really gave me clarity:

Happiness is…time richness.

If there’s any big secret that I’ve discovered while traveling, it’s this – people who are rich in time are happier than people who are rich in money.

With a time-rich life, I have the opportunity to see friends more often, travel like crazy, read more books, see more movies, exercise, explore hobbies, and do it all without constant stress and exhaustion.

I swear to you — time richness is the secret.”

And finally, this photo of my friend, Jeff Edwards, is the epitome of being in the moment.

Jeff Dancing

It was taken at my wedding in April and it is so Jeff and so inspiring to see someone express joy like this! Huge shout out to Jen at Carolina Photosmith for capturing this moment!

Have a great weekend 🙂


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