All Things Blueberry

Saturday should be every day. I physically hurt right now because I am so ready for it to be this weekend!

Last weekend was particularly fun because every day had something magical happen. Friday evening Trey and I rented Silver Linings Playbook and ate a makeshift dinner of boneless buffalo chicken wings, sour gummi octopi (is that the plural for octopus?), and Reeses peanut butter cups. I actually only ate the gummies and pb cups…shhhh!

Saturday was a smorgasbord (Charlotte’s Web just popped into my mind) of events, beginning with cookie decorating at our church. A friend of ours is a former pastry chef and shared her talents with us. SO delicious! I got home in time to change and get ready for our blueberry picking adventure with another couple from church. We had been out to Ambrose Farms before with these two to pick strawberries and blueberry picking was as much, if not more, fun. First of all, blueberries grow on trees so there were no back aches to contend with this time and second, these fruits were totally poppable so we sampled as we picked šŸ™‚

BlueberriesLater that evening we hosted some friends for pizza and game night (and Indiana baseball, unbeknownst to the ladies of the group!). Great conversation and inspiration. A friend of mine is living her dream of being an Organizational Development professional and I am constantly amazed of what she is accomplishing. Oh how I want my passion to drive me like this some day!

On Sunday morning I put those blueberries to good use in a recipe adapted from AllRecipes, chosen due to the fact that we only had one egg šŸ™‚ I substituted a veggie/fruit concoction Trey had made for the straight orange juice this called for. This made the batter slightly thicker (see below) and slightly more savory.

Muffing MakingBlueberry muffin successAll in all, a successful end product!


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