July in Instagram

Good afternoon! Since it has been crazy crazy around here for me the past few weeks, I’ve been faltering on my goal to consistently post on my blog. To make up for this, I’m rounding up snapshots of what I’ve been up to!

Exciting news for me this month…myself and a group of girlfriends from Seattle were chosen via a random drawing to run in the Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon in San Francisco on October 20th!

Sunrise RunCalm sunrise run

So, in preparation, I’ve started running again 🙂 Trey and I ran a half marathon in April but I haven’t ran more than 4 miles since May. I’m not worried though, I’m so motivated it’s crazy. Anyway, my first run after hiatus was a morning 5K and the sunrise was absolutely stunning. My heart swelled with joy…or maybe was ready to burst from being so out of shape! Either way, I’m pumped for October!

I’ve been lusting to feed my creative half since I went wild with wedding crafts and my first project was to figure out how to preserve my wedding bouquet without driving Trey nuts by leaving it in the vase. Fun fact: I made my dad watch after my first bouquet of flowers from Trey. He held the vase in his hands for all of our 20+ hour trip back to Iowa…and then Trey took over and we had to find a place for it in the backseat. Few flowers were harmed in that endeavor!

Wedding flowers

Anyway, I found this cute lantern at Hobby Lobby and carefully snipped and arranged lily of the valley, garden roses, sweet peas, and Trey’s boutonniere inside. Easy and a fun conversation piece.

Trey + Gator

We’re trying to get back into golfing. Trey could literally have played professional golf so I’ve got my work cut out for me but I try to be a good sport. I played in high school but am pretty rusty. I can either drive well on one hole and 5 put, or dribble my drive and 2 put on the next. Inconsistency. Anyway, we played out at one of the Kiawah Island courses with our “Golf Passport” (basically a coupon booklet that gets you free or drastically reduced fares on some of the best courses around) and ran into this little guy! Just hanging out. No big deal. Definitely made us pay attention on the rest of the holes.

Finally, last weekend I flew to Iowa and roadtripped with some of my best girls down to Kansas City for a weekend of fun!

Boulevard Brewing Tour

We ate fondue, cupcakes, laughed, toured Boulevard Brewery, built our own mac and cheese, stood in line for world famous barbecue, and played ski ball, among other things.

I’ll detail that in the next post but until then, I hope y’all have an AWESOME weekend!


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