Girls Weekend in Kansas City

Summer is absolutely flying by me and what a whirlwind it has been. In between getting married, honeymooning in Europe, moving out of my apartment and in with Trey, moving out together and into a new condo, two more weddings in Arkansas, and a multitude of visitors, I managed to sneak in a trip to New Orleans and this awesome girls weekend in Kansas City!

I flew into JFK to catch my connecting flight home to Iowa and look at this view. Absolutely breathtaking.

New York via plane

I got into Des Moines late and was picked up by my little sister. Stayed up chatting and laughing for hours. So nice to have that one on one time with her.

Normally when I come home I am fully scheduled so that I can make sure to see and catch up with everybody. This trip was no different considering I only had 15 hours or so in the home state before roadtripping down to Kansas City with a girlfriend. I made the most of my time by having breakfast with Sister and Mom at Mimi’s (nom nom), then taking Mom to print out wedding photos at Walgreens and meeting up with Dad to trade off and print out his photos. After saying goodbye to Mom and my stepdad (who had joined us by this point lol), Dad and I drove down the street to The Other Place for pizzas on the patio.

Made in Iowa

And my final act in my home state? Making a trip to my all-time favorite grocery store in the entire world. Hy Vee.

HyVee produce

The produce is quality and cheap. They have the best sesame chicken. And no where else have I been able to find cookies with buttercream frosting smothered on top. I am in heaven every time I come into this place. This day was no exception. I left with a delightful cookie sandwich with a substantial amount of frosting nestled between.

My friend Teyl met us here and after saying goodbye to Dad, we were on our way! Roadtrip!


I joke that this was one of the only times I was happy to see Missouri 🙂

After arriving in Kansas City Friday afternoon, we hit the Embassy Suites happy hour before picking up Meredith at the airport. We freshened up and then headed down to The Melting Pot for a celebration. Anne, the fourth and final member of our reunited group, lives in KC and met us at the restaurant.

None of us had been here and were slightly confused by the process. We had some drinks though, ordered a pot of cheese, and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! We finished off the meal with the ying and yang chocolate fondue (half milk chocolate, half dark chocolate). And we were done. Stuffed. Bedtime for all.

Melting Pot Fondue

Mer and I got in a quick workout in the morning before Anne picked us up for a tour d’ food. She presented us with Lamar’s Donuts to tide us over on the 5 minute drive to one cool coffee shop: The Filling Station.

Filling Station KC

Vintage decor from old gas stations, tin cups proclaiming “Wake the F*ck Up”, and really awesome cookies, pastries and coffee. Anne and I split the blueberry cookie with basil sugar. Really delicious.

Next up was Boulevard Brewery.

Boulevard makes some delicious brews but their passion makes the beer that much more tasty. Anne picked up tickets for us ahead of time, which was a good thing because the tours fill up almost every day and there were many people waiting in the lobby in case ticket holders didn’t show up for their tour. The tour guide was knowledgable and we got to see the lifecycle of the product from mash to bottle and learn about the finer chemistry of what makes a better Boulevard beer. Case in point: aging some of their beer in rye whiskey barrels. These particular barrels are from a select rye whiskey made exclusively in Iowa. You may have heard of Templeton but if not, check this out.

Templeton + BoulevardAfter the tour, Anne raced us to the tasting room so we would be the first visitors to fill up our tasting glasses. Boulevard lets you sample four of their beers and it was awesome!

Boulevard Brewing Tour

My favorite was their summer seasonal, Zon (like in the zone). We loved every minute of our time at Boulevard Brewery.

Boulevard Tasting

We headed back to the Plaza to do a little shopping and hit our hotel before heading to Beer Kitchen for dinner.

Beer Kitchen is in the Westport area of KC and has such a cute atmosphere. Truly, the menu is unbelievable. I generally go to restaurants and have an easy time picking out my meal because there are always just a few things that look good to me. This place was totally different. EVERYTHING looks good. I settled on the build-your-own macaroni and cheese and it was perfect (even after blue cheese nachos and parmesan-truffle fries)!

Beer Kitchen

I just added burnt ends to my mac but Meredith went all out, adding burnt ends, leeks, etc. to hers. Trey is lucky I saved enough to take home to him 🙂

At this point, we were all tuckered out and headed off to take a quick nap before hitting the bar scene.

Anne took us to the Velvet Dog at Martini Corner. Cool atmosphere and people from all walks of life. Sharp dressed men and women next to the jeans and t-shirt kind of crowd. Loved it. The fab four hung out playing skee ball and darts and catching up on life.

Ski ball

Girls in KC

We had the perfect Sunday morning. Having loved Lamar’s so much, we swung back through for donuts-to-go and headed over to the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum. Anne adores this place because of the shuttlecock art and can see why. How quirky!


We were all sad to see the weekend come to close and vowed that this would become an annual event with each of us hosting once every four years. In the end, it is safe to say, my love for KC endures.




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