The Dog Days are Over

Good morning!

I feel like I’m in a race against my current pace of life…and life is winning. August is gone. What?! I know.

So much happened this past month! Trey and I traveled to Arkansas for another wedding the first weekend of August, were weekend warriors in Charleston the next, hitting the golf course, cycling Kiawah island, and spending time with friends. Three weekends ago Trey’s parents were in town for a quick trip. It rained a good portion of the time they were here but lightened up for breakfast at Kitchen 208 and dinner at Leaf Saturday evening. I had the Bocadillo Sandwich (think serrano ham and manchego in grilled cheese form) with frickles (fried pickles). Absolutely awesome. With Leaf’s outdoor space it definitely vies for the top of my favorite restaurants list!

The sun graced us with it’s presence Sunday and I took advantage to get in one of my training runs for the Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco in October. Feeling good about it! After a quick shower and breakfast at Caviar and Bananas, the four of us packed up the golf clubs and made the trip over to Wild Dunes for some golfing.

This was the nicest golf course I’ve ever played and amidst some positively DISMAL shots, I played a decent round. Holes 17 and 18 are right on the ocean and you literally can step off the green and onto the beach. So cool.


After golf we headed over to Sullivan’s Island for dinner at Salt at Station 22. At this point, we were really tired…and conversation topics had dwindled. I ended up getting the swordfish with polenta and a glass of housemade lemonade. Comfort food + sugar sent me farther down the tired road and I was glad when we made it home for showers and an early turn in! I fear I may have started getting old 🙂

Trey’s parents were leaving Monday morning so we decided to take them out for coffee and head into work a little late. East Bay Meeting House is the PERFECT place for early morning coffee and pastries. The ambience is decidedly Parisian and most always quiet. We got there right at 7:00 and settled in for lattes and pastries. It was such a nice start to the morning as we are usually rushed and feeling behind since everybody else at our place of employment seems to start work at 6:00. I used to be that person but anymore, it’s not worth it to me to have that stress. My life is so fleeting and I’ve decided that I need to spend it doing more things like having coffee with my family. I digress.

After sending the family back to Arkansas that morning, Trey and I returned home from work and started preparing for our next round of visitors, arriving Tuesday night.

Matt and Katherine are friends from Fayetteville, Arkansas where Trey went to school. It’s a really good thing they are so laid back because the day after they arrived, Trey and I got into a pretty nasty car accident which totaled my car 😦 Thankfully we were okay, save a minor concussion for me, but it put us out of commission for a day or two. We ended up cooking in during the week, hitting Leaf again for dinner Friday night and finishing out the weekend with a friendly game night Saturday. We invited two other couples over and played Mexican Dominoes for most of the night. I had made chicken taco chili and my mom’s potato soup to nosh on. I’m definitely in the fall mood!

We rounded out their stay with a day at the beach and dinner at one of our favorite casual establishments, Caviar and Bananas. Made from scratch sandwiches and bakery items do it for me every time!

This weekend, Labor Day weekend, was so awesome that I need to dedicate a whole post to it. Stay tuned!


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