Fall Spoke to my Soul

Wow. It’s been exactly three months since my last post. Fall is over and I can’t believe how quickly it went! Travel, new experiences, rekindling friendships, TRAVEL, back to school, half marathon training, reading, and more TRAVEL. That was my September, October, and November in a nutshell! My heart was so happy. My heart was fulfilled.

I’m mulling around an idea for a new travel-focused page but until that time, I wanted to share snapshots of fall, as seen on Instagram. Enjoy!


Lovelies in Beaufort


Making friends at the beach!


Jeep Jeep!


A sunrise run in Charleston in the East…


…and a sunset the same day in Seattle in the West!


A blanket of clouds tucking the city in for the night…


I started back to school for a Masters Degree

Beaufort Spanish Moss

Beaufort was gorgeous…loved the Spanish moss

Beautiful Beaufort Sunset

A beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina sunset.

Blazing Light at the Battery

Blazing light at the Battery.

Chili and Cornbread

Grammy J’s Cornbread and Chili.

Golden Gate Through the Fog

Golden Gate Through the Fog

Jack Frost

Jack Frost Visited Charleston!


Fall leaves were crunched underfoot…

Let's Go State

Lift. Tone. Burn. At Pure Barre on Cyclone Saturday.

Long Run over the Cooper

Long Run over the Cooper, chasing a sunset…

Most Beautiful Run of 2013

Most beautiful run of 2013 along the edge of the Sound

New Neighbor

Lowcountry Olive Oil became our downstairs neighbor!

Skies and Sails

Skies and Sails…Evening Runs along the Battery

Thanks Nike!

A welcome from the Nike Marathon in San Francisco!


Perfect ending to fall…Thanksgiving dinner for two!

    I hope everyone has a very happy week!



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