Intentions for 2014

Happy New Year!

It’s almost as if I blinked and 2013 was gone. I had the best year of my life, getting married, honeymooning, going back to school, and traveling the world! 2013 will be hard to top but I’ve got a few goals for 2014 that can give it a run for it’s money!

1. Run my first marathon. I’m turning 26 this year and have always thought a marathon at this age would be very fitting. The weather around here isn’t conducive to running during the summer so I’ve got to get training! Scouting the Shires of Vermont Marathon on May 18th…

2. Read 10 novels. 2013 was a good year for me as I spent a good amount of time reading. However, most of those books were more for YA than my 25 year old self! Working to expand my brain this year…

3. Dedicate myself to sleeping more. Nights of getting 6 hours of sleep or less will be the exception this year.

4. Take and score well on the GRE. After many months of deliberation, I’ve finally decided that I will pursue a Masters Degree in a curriculum other than business. It might be Counseling. It might be Higher Education Student Affairs. Maybe it will be Public Relations. It might be something else. What I know for certain is that the GRE is the key and I want to kill it! I could be here in 2015…

Final Goal: To make each year of my life more interesting, inspiring, and fulfilled than the year before, starting with 2014!


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